Citylife Community Initiatives exists to build community and empower people.

We work within an asset based, strengths based framework. We provide education, support and encouragement to our local Wollongong and Shellharbour communities. We value our partners and work with them to build a better local community.

ADHD Support Group

This is a group of people who have an interest in ADHD either as a parent, carer or friend of children who have ADHD. We provide support for parents by listening, providing information and education and helping parents provide the best possible outcomes for their child.

We meet on the last Friday of each month at 10:30am at Citylife Church. We also hold four night meetings a year with various guest speakers and can provide individual support for parents. Please call Citylife Church on 42844414 if you require further information.

Being Me

This program is aimed at children who have a diagnosis of ADHD and/or Aspergers. It aims to help primary aged children to develop and grow by understanding their uniqueness, by understanding their strength and developing emotional and communication skills. It runs over six sessions. For information call 42844414.

Domestic Violence support

From time to time we run groups to enable women affected by domestic violence to reclaim their lives.

Helping Hands

We provide assistance to members of the community by providing meals, housework and yard work to those unable to do so for themselves. This service provides short term assistance for those who have an immediate short term need or who are waiting for long term assistance from another agency.

Community Kitchen

Our community kitchen runs every Friday night at Port Kembla Community Centre. It is a place where people come to share a meal together, build friendships and engage with others in the community.

Port Kembla Community Centre, Friday Evening 7pm-8pm

CAP Money Program